7 Top Attractions of Dresden

This capital of Saxony earned a reputation for high artistic and cultural achievements in the 18th century. Over 800 years old, the city of Dresden, with its towers, spires, and other marvels rising above the river Elbe have survived centuries of threat and catastrophe. Visitors to Dresden should avail themselves of its many sights and experiences. Read things to do in Germany.

1. The Zwinger
This Baroque palace is the birthplace of Dresden’s reputation as an artistic center. It has been restored, and holds precious Renaissance works by Rapael, Titian, and others. August the Strong was the elector-king of Saxony who commissioned the Zwinger.

2. Albertplatz
This town square has two remarkable fountains. One represents still waters, and the other depicts moving water. The square is surrounded by other notable places to visit.

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